Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING

Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING
Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING

Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING

This listing is for a. 1979 US 1st Edition of. By the the Bes tsell ing author and illustrator tea m of. ALAN LEE and BRIAN FROUD! This is NOT the 1995 reprint.

It is the ORIGINAL FIRST EDITION from 1978! This great book has been SIGNED & SKETCHED by the illustrator BRIAN FROUD - it is signed in archival sepia b rown pen with only h is signature and is not inscribed to anyone.

A long with his signature, he has SKETCHED a large drawing of a FAIRY (see pictures above).. This was signed and sketched by Brian Froud at an appearance in Portland, Oregon in 201 0 and it was signed IN MY PRESENCE. Condition is as follows: FINE/FINE. The book is in REALLY NICE CONDITION!! The corners are sharp, the oatmeal cloth binding is clean and crisp, and the blind stamp on the front cover of the Fairies leapfrogging still retains it's gilding in bright gold.

There is a bump at the top of spine. There is just a tiny bit of foxing along the top edge of the text block. The signature and sketch are bright and clear and throughout the book the pages have NOT yellowed (which can sometimes be an issue with this title). The Dust Jacket has just a little sun darkening on the back panel of the jacket.

The jacket presents extremely well - it has been placed in a brand new Brodart dust jacket protector. This SIGNED and SKETCHED 1st Edition is pretty sharp! This is a 1979 Peacock Press US 1st Edition - this is technically considered a second printing which was published in 1979 after the original UK edition came out in 1978. I f you are a fan of B rian Froud or you have fairies at the bottom of YOUR garden :- , this is a MUST HAVE!

This book started it all!! This will be a WONDERFUL addition to your collection! Please check out the other items. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Brian Froud born 1947 in Winchester. He lives and works in Devon.

With his wife, Wendy Froud. Who is also a fantasy artist. The landscapes in his paintings are frequently inspired by Dartmoor. Froud's work has been used as the inspiration for creatures in films.

Such as The Dark Crystal. Both in conjunction with Jim Henson. He collaborated with Terry Jones. On Labyrinth , on The Goblins of the Labyrinth 1986, re-issued in abridged form as The Goblin Companion: A Field Guide to Goblins. In 1996, and subsequently on a number of non- Labyrinth -related books about fairies.

Namely of the "Lady Cottington" series, such as Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book. He has also worked with American writer Ari Berk. On more recent books, including Goblins and "The Runes of Elfland", and produced art books such as Good Faeries/Bad Faeries. One of his most famous art books, Faeries , produced in collaboration with Alan Lee. Was the basis of a 1981 animated feature of the same name. Froud has also dabbled in other media and created a deck of Oracle cards. Entitled The Faerie's Oracle. With Jessica Macbeth, based on his artwork in Good Faeries/Bad Faeries. In March 2010 a sequel to the deck, "Heart of Faerie" was released. He also designed the album artwork for the German band Qntal. S 2006 release Qntal V: Silver Swan. The enhanced 2CD version of the album also featured a second CD featuring a short gallery of his fairy and goblin work.

Froud's son, Toby Froud, played the baby in Labyrinth. One of his father's works. He studied filmmaking and special effects techniques in London and apprenticed at the Muppet workshop in New York City, and on the set of The Lord of the Rings.

The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate (1972). A Midsummer Night's Dream (1972). Lovecraft: A Look Behind the Cthulhu Mythos by Lin Carter. Or, The unexpected walk with Great-Uncle Magnus Pringle (1975).

Are All the Giants Dead? The Wind Between the Stars (1976). The Land of Froud (1977). Master Snickup's Cloak (1979).

Faeries (1979) â With Alan Lee. The World of the Dark Crystal (1982). Goblins of the Labyrinth (1986). The Goblin Companion: A Field Guide to Goblins (1986).

Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book (1994). Quentin Cottington's Journal of Faery Research: Strange Stains and Mysterious Smells (1996). The Runes of Elfland (2003). The Secret Sketchbooks of Brian Froud (2005). Brian Froud's World of Faerie (2007).

Heart of Faerie Oracle (2010). Brian Froud's Faerielands series. Froud also produced a collaborative series of books collectively known as Brian Froud's Faerielands. He produced the Faerielands artwork in 1991, then invited four top fantasy authors (Patricia McKillip, Terri Windling, Midori Snyder, and Charles de Lint) to choose their favorite pieces and write the story that the pictures evoked for them.

The first two books were published in elegant hardcover editions with numerous Froud illustrations. However, Bantam then cancelled the series due to changes in their fantasy and science fiction lineup.

Windling's and Snyder's books were later published by Tor Books. Something Rich and Strange by Patricia McKillip.

The Wild Wood (1994) by Charles de Lint. The Wood Wife (1996) by Terri Windling. Hannah's Garden (2002) by Midori Snyder. Faeries (television and VHS) (1981). Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.

The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus. Power of the Dark Crystal.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Alan Lee (20 August 1947) is an English. He was born in Middlesex. England and studied at the Ealing School of Art. Lee has illustrated dozens of fantasy books.

Including some nonfiction, and many more covers. Among the most notable interiors are several works of J. The centenary edition of The Lord of the Rings. (1991), a 1995 edition of The Hobbit.

And the first edition of Narn i Chîn Húrin: the tale of the children of Húrin. The latter is his work most widely held in WorldCat. Other books he has illustrated include Faeries with Brian Froud. (as well as the cover of an early print of this book), The Mabinogion.

(two versions), Castles and Tolkien's Ring. Both nonfiction by David Day. , The Mirrorstone by Michael Palin. The Moon's Revenge by Joan Aiken. And Merlin Dreams by Peter Dickinson. He has also illustrated retellings of classics. S versions of the Iliad.

Ânamely, Black Ships Before Troy. (Oxford, 1993) and The Wanderings of Odysseus (Frances Lincoln, 1995).

S version of Ovid's Metamorphoses. Ânamely, Shapeshifters (Frances Lincoln, 2009). Lee did cover paintings for the 1983 Penguin edition of Mervyn Peake. He also did the artwork for Alive!

A CD by the Dutch band Omnia. Released on 3 August 2007 during the Castlefest. Are two of Lee's common media.

Were the lead concept artists. S Lord of the Rings. And were contacted by former director Guillermo del Toro. To keep continuity of design for the upcoming Hobbit films. In a documentary interview on the extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring.

Jackson details the story of how he managed to contact Lee, a rather reclusive man, in his home in the south of England. By couriering a package to him containing two of Jackson's previous films, Forgotten Silver. With a note from himself and Fran Walsh.

Alan's interest was piqued enough to become involved. He went on to illustrate and even help construct many of the scenarios for the movies, including objects and weapons for the actors. He also made two cameo appearances, in the opening sequence of The Fellowship as one of the nine kings who became the Nazgul, and in The Two Towers as one Rohan soldier in the armoury (over the shoulder of Mortenson as Aragorn and Legolas talk in Elvish). Lee has also worked as a conceptual designer on the films Legend.

And the television mini-series Merlin. Produced in collaboration with Brian Froud.

Two years after completion of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, Lee released a 192-page collection of his conceptual artwork for the project, entitled The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook (HarperCollins, 2005). Film director Peter Jackson said, His art captured what I hoped to capture with the films. Lee is currently back in New Zealand designing elements of Peter Jackson.

With fellow illustrator John Howe. Whom he worked with on Lord of the Rings. For his 1978 book with Brian Froud. Faeries , Lee was runner-up for the science fiction and fantasy Locus Award.

Year's best art or illustrated book. For illustrating Merlin Dreams by Peter Dickinson. (1988), he won the annual Chesley Award for Best Interior Illustration. And he was a highly commended runner-up for the Greenaway Medal.

He also won the BSFA Award for Best Artwork. For that year's best single new image. Five years later he won the Kate Greenaway Medal.

Recognising the year's best children's book illustration by a British subject. The book was Black Ships Before Troy.

A version of the Trojan War. For the 60th anniversary edition of The Hobbit , Tolkien's 1937 classic, Lee won his second Chesley Award for Interior Illustration (he is a finalist eight times through 2011). For that year's work he won the annual World Fantasy Award. Best Artist, at the 1998 World Fantasy Convention.

In 2000 he won the competitive, juried Spectrum Award. For fantastic art in the grandmaster category.

Lee, Grant Major and Dan Hennah earned the 2004 Academy Award for Best Art Direction. For The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Third in the film trilogy. As of 2007 Lee, his wife, and two children live in Chagford. FIRST ED 1ST EDITION SIGNED AUTOGRAPH AUTOGRAPHED FLATSIGNED FLAT CALDECOT CALDECOTT NEWBERY NEWBERRY AWARD WINNERS. The item "Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING" is in sale since Monday, June 4, 2018. This item is in the category "Books\Antiquarian & Collectible".

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Rare FAIRIES 1979 US 1st Edition Brian Froud Alan Lee SIGNED w ORIGINAL DRAWING

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